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Ants are certainly unpleasant insects to have roaming within the walls of your home. Their microscopic size can enable them to enter your home through the tiniest cracks. If gone untreated, this insect infestations can grow to be an overwhelming problem that demands professional assistance.

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Ants on a concrete wall

Whether you’re dealing with a small nest or fighting a colony consisting of hundreds or thousands of insects, our pest control services will remove these pesky creatures from your home.

When to Contact Professional Ant Removal:

Some ant infestations are small and can be dealt with using over-the-counter resources. Others, however, demand more professional measures. Homeowners should consider contacting a professional ant removal service if any of the following problems exist:

  • Unidentified nest sources.
  • Over-the-counter means have failed.
  • Large colonies (up to 500,000).
  • Colonies are located in insulation.
  • Family members have allergies to dust or insect bites.

At Pest Solutions, our skilled technicians can help you to identify the type of ant in your home and decide upon a method for their complete removal.

Types of Ants

Carpenter ants, pavement ants, house ants, moisture ants, and pharaoh ants are all commonly found in the Pacific Northwest area. When it comes to removing them, each variety will require different methods of removal in order to eradicate them completely.

Pharaoh and Pavement Ant Removal

Pavement ants are usually found outside around foundations, sidewalks, pathways, and pavement. When treating for these ants, our technicians will spray your property to destroy the insect’s scent trails. Breaking these up will prevent the insects from finding a way onto your property and into your home.

Pavement ants are dealt with first by identifying the insect’s entrance and exit points. A qualified technician will then spray pesticide directly down into the nest. We allow this pesticide to run for about three to five minutes until the nest is fully saturated.

Pharaoh ants usually travel to your property from a different area, often a rotting log, stump, or from the perimeter of the tree. Our team will destroy their scent trails around your property to prevent their return. Ideally, the source of the infestation is removed if it can be located, but sometimes all that is needed is to remove your property from their interest through spraying your property boundaries.

Sugar and House Ant Removal

Sugar and house ants are usually found indoors. To remove these insects, we place traps along the baseboard and treat with spot sprays in the areas they’ve been spotted. The traps are set up to catch the worker ants as they travel to and from the nest. As these workers are collected, the colony will eventually starve from lack of food.

Pest Control Maintenance

While our technicians at Pest Solutions can guarantee a full extermination of your original pest problem, it is always possible that another one could spring up in its place. Other insects like spiders, rodents, and other pests are attracted to dead colonies of insects.

To ensure that your home enjoys complete freedom from all pest problems, Pest Solutions is offering a pest control maintenance plan. With these services, Washington families can have their whole homes professionally inspected every 60 days. Our technicians can ensure that your property is clear of pests and will even take natural preventative measures to protect your home from past and future pests.

Contact Pest Solutions

At Pest Solutions, our goals go beyond just removing pests from your home. Our highest priority is ensuring that your home is safe from every kind of pest, not just the ones you call us for. We provide pest inspections, pest removal, and preventative treatments to help you make sure your home is a safe and secure place.

For more information about our pest control services, contact Pest Solutions today by giving us a call at (866)-610-0098 or by filling out our contact form.