Beetle Pest Control

Discovering a beetle infestation in your home, restaurant, office building, or warehouse is never fun. While beetles may seem small and insignificant, these tiny insects actually cause a substantial amount of damage and will quickly endanger the health and safety of your property.

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At Pest Solutions, we provide pest inspections, pest control services, and pest maintenance plans to prevent recurring infestations. Our trained staff and professional manner have made us one of the top pest control companies in Seattle, and we have the equipment and expertise necessary to handle any pest problem.

Pest Removal Services for Beetles

When it comes to removing beetles from Seattle properties, we have discovered that the most effective solution is to locate the infested materials and food sources. From there, our technicians can decide the best form of pest control to address the situation. At Pest solutions, we offer the following solutions for pest problems:

  • Biological pest control (natural repellents and predators).
  • Eliminate breeding grounds, food sources, etc.
  • Mechanical pest control (erecting physical barriers).
  • Chemical and natural pesticides.

After the infestation has been eliminated, clients can also receive our pest solutions maintenance plan. These services are designed to provide regular inspections and necessary pest treatments to prevent the return of any pest from your home.

Beetles in Seattle

The Seattle area is home to a number beetle species, but there are a couple that are the most common: the cigarette beetle and the drugstore beetle. If you’re not sure which type of beetle is invading your property, one of our technicians would be happy to perform an inspection.

Cigarette Beetles

As their name implies, cigarette beetles generally consume stored tobacco. However, they have been known to feed off of a variety of other products. These insects are very small, growing only as long as 2-5 millimeters in length. They have oval shaped bodies with brown color and they generally prefer subdued light or cloudy days.


A way to know if you have cigarette beetles on your property is if you see tiny holes in any packaging or debris made by adult beetles or larvae. If the infestation is not located and removed quickly, their broad feeding habits will cause them to do significant harm to your property. Commercial businesses have been known to loose their whole stock of tobacoo products because they did not remove the infestation in time.

Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetles are roughly the same size as cigarette beetles. These beetles have flat heads, oval, narrow bodies, and are attracted to a number of food products. While pet food is often their most common food source, other products like cereal, spices, flour, paper, leather, books, and herbs can also appear on the menu.


Drugstore beetles are willing to burrow through wood to reach their food sources. These insects are willing to chew paths through two-by-fours to reach their desired food source. Homes and buildings have been found to contain large infestations of these insects and they can be difficult to remove without the assistance of a professional pest control company.

How Do I Know If I Need Beetle Pest Control?

Some pest infestations are insignificant enough that over-the-counter means are completely sufficient for addressing the problem. Other times, the circumstances of the infestation are serious enough to require the attention of a professional pest control company. Here are some questions that can be asked to determine if professional pest control services are necessary for your beetle infestation:

  • Is the infestation widespread?
  • Does the infestation violate property policies?
  • Have previous attempts to eliminate the infestation been unsuccessful?
  • Are the beetles destroying property?
  • Are you unable to locate the source or extent of the infestation?

If ‘yes’ is your answer to any of these questions, then contacting a pest control company is in your best interests. It’s time to remove these pesky insects from your property and see it restored to its original integrity.

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Here at Pest Solutions, we are committed to more than just solving your pest problems. Not only do we make it our goal to leave your home pest free, but we endeavor to equip your home to resist an infestation from any other critter or insect. Our skilled technicians utilize top-of-the-line equipment, products, and resources to safely and thoroughly eradicate pests from your property.

Not sure where you stand? Have one of our technicians come out and take a look at your problem, and we can help you figure out the scope and severity of your infestation and recommend the best next steps.

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