Making the discovery that there are rodents residing in the crawl space of the attic of your home can be a frustrating and alarming experience. Such unwanted guests may find access to your home via holes or gaps in the walls, in openings in vents or windows, or through drains that are left unsealed.These unwelcome visitors gain access through inconspicuous cracks or holes in the walls, openings in windows or vents, and any unsealed drains. Preferring a living space that is sheltered and undisturbed, rodents are happy to build a nest in your attic or crawl space.

Once they have settled, rodents are capable of multiplying rapidly. Female rodents are able to produce about 10 litters per year, and the newborn mice and rats will also be mature enough to mate within mere months. If not dealt with immediately, an infestation can quickly escalate and get out of hand.

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Everett Rodent Pest Control Services

How Do I Know If I Need Rodent Pest Control?

To help decide whether you need to enlist the assistance of a rodent pest control company, you must assess your particular situation by asking a few questions:

  • Is there evidence that the infestation is widespread?
  • Are you unable to diagnose the full degree of the rodent infestation?
  • Have other means of rodent removal been attempted and failed?
  • Are the rodents posing danger to anybody’s health?
  • Is the home’s structure being compromised by the rodents?
  • Is the presence of the rodents indicating a serious issue with your home?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any single one of these questions, then it is time to seek a rodent removal company who will eradicate these pests for good.

Everett Rodent Removal Services

Clean Crawls offers a full spectrum of pest control services throughout Everett and its neighboring cities. Through our use of varied methods, solutions, and products, we are able to eliminate any rodent infestation.

  • Biological Pest Control: integrating natural repellents and predators into the environment
  • Mechanical Pest Control: creation of physical obstacles and barriers to prevent pest entry
  • Pesticides: use of pesticides both natural and chemical
  • Identification and elimination of food sources, breeding grounds, and more.

With the expertise and prowess of our licensed and certified crew, we will see to it that your home is clear of any unwanted vermin. Here at Clean Crawls, our team cares deeply for the environment as well as the local community. As such, it is our utmost goal to use natural means of pest control whenever possible.

When Do I Get the Pest Control Company Involved?

When the pest infestation is limited to only a handful of rodents, there are viable methods of removal that are available in regular home improvement and hardware stores. These rodent poisons and traps are highly effective in the handling of small infestations, but there are higher-risk scenarios where these products will not suffice.

  • Multiple nests have been identified.
  • Problem has continued even after multiple trappings
  • Infestations are recurrent, happening every few months even after being addressed

In escalated scenarios such as these ones, a rodent removal company will be your greatest ally in the location and removal of the infestation source, as well as in preventing any future rodent invasions.

Why Do I Need the Help of a Rodent Removal Company?

When you’ve identified a rodent infestation, you have every good reason to enlist the help of a rodent removal company. Licensed rodent removal companies possess the appropriate training in order to identify the type of rodent at hand, advise the optimal methods of pest control, and make any needed repairs to your home in order to prevent the invading species from ever returning.


Rats are a major health hazard to human beings. As large rodents, they frequently carry a multitude of diseases, as well as other unsanitary insects, fleas, and mites. What’s more is that their urine and feces can severely contaminate anything edible (such as food or water) that they come into contact with.

If they are not eliminated, rats may cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Beyond their damaging feeding habits, they particularly love to nest in structures of buildings. In doing so, these furry menaces will gnaw and chew on just about anything within range of their claws: wires, insulation, furniture, beams, floorboards, air ducts, and much more.

Normally, rats prefer to stay incognito and hidden from any humans. This means that, if one is spotted out in the open, it is likely that you have a full-blown infestation on your hands. Due to the many hazards caused by their destructive and diseased species, it’s vital that you seek a rodent control company in Everett immediately upon noticing the infestation.


Generally significantly smaller than rats, mice also like to keep a low profile and tend not to be seen out in the open. You may recognize their presence by the distinctive odor, chewed furniture, small tracks, and the fecal pellets that they leave throughout the home. Akin to rats, mice are unbelievably destructive to the furniture, walls, wiring, and insulation of your home. As stated previously, mice and rats can both reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate, so it is imperative that they are dealt with before an infestation becomes out of hand.

Normally, mice infestations are more difficult to identify. These rodents may make their presence known by scratching and clawing on the walls, ceilings, or floors of your home. However, these symptoms are not exclusive to mice infestations, and other animals can make these noises as well. It will take the assistance of a professional Everett rodent control company to correctly identify the type of pest you’re dealing with, and pose your best means of removing them.

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Here at Clean Crawls, we provide the highest grade of professional rodent pest control services throughout Everett. Our professional team will assist you in the identification of the species of rodent, and we can explain the ideal method of pest control given your situation. Also, we will provide counsel on how to keep your home rid of such pests in the future. We’d love to aid you in restoring your home to a safe and comfortable sanctuary. For further information, contact us today to learn more about your options for rodent removal.