Flea Pest Control

For many pet owners, fleas are a big problem. Even for those without pets, these tiny insects can still find their way into your home or business where they create huge problems. Flea bombs and store-brand flea products for your pets won’t do the trick; only a professional pest procedure and a high-quality veterinarian brand flea treatment will really work.

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At Pest Solutions, our professional pest control methods have been proven to effectively and completely eliminate flea infestations. We offer pest inspections, pest control services, and a pest maintenance plan to ensure that once the pest problem is removed, no pest of any kind will return.

Seattle Fleas

Seattle flea infestations often result from a flea latching to the skin of a pet, such as a dog or a cat. Once inside, the fleas lay their eggs underneath furniture, in the baseboards, and in any space that is dark, cool, and secluded.

Fleas can lay up to 100 eggs every 45 days. In egg form, larvae can live up to a full year. Once hatched, adult fleas can live for more than 100 days. These insects can go dormant while there is no activity around the property, but will be woken up to vibrations in the building’s structure when pets or humans walk around the area. In apartments, this is a common occurrence when a current tenant moves out and there is several weeks before the new tenants arrive.

Fleas In Your Home

If you have fleas in your home and you own pets, it’s likely that your pet brought them in and is currently serving as their host. If you are not a pet owner, it’s possible that the house was already infested before you arrived, or a flea was carried in on a visitor or piece of clothing. Fleas can transmit bartonellosis and tapeworm, so it is important that the infestation is dealt with swiftly and thoroughly.

Are there Fleas on Me?

Fleas have been known to bite humans, but only as a last resort. These insects much prefer their hosts to be a dog or a cat, so once they discover that you are neither they should jump right off to search for another food source.

Flea Pest Control

To ensure the safety and health of your home, it is vital that these infestation be dealt with immediately. Our technicians here at Pest Solutions can help.

Following a thorough inspection, our technicians will be able to recommend the best course of action for your home. Depending on the severity and location of the infestation, the property owner’s options will vary.

Generally, flea removal is an ongoing process that is comprised of a couple steps: waking the fleas up and then spraying them with a safe and effective spray. Vacuuming is the ideal way to get these tiny insects to stir from their slumber and bring them to the surface. Then they can be sprayed with a professional products that outperforms other market brands.

Signs You Need Pest Control

Some pest problems are small and can be dealt with using do-it-yourself methods and store- bought products. However, most flea infestations are best handled by a pest control professional. Here are some scenarios in which you should contact a pest control company:

  • The issue is widespread or unchecked.
  • Other methods have proven unsuccessful at eliminating the pests.
  • Pets and family members have allergies to flea bites.
  • The source and extent of the infestation is unknown

Contact Pest Solutions

All the store brand treatments in the world will not completely rid your home of fleas. A flea control procedure is the only thing that will eradicate these tiny insects from your property.

At Pest Solutions, we provide professional flea removal services throughout Seattle for properties with and without pets. Our skilled technicians are professionally trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to skillfully, carefully, and thoroughly address pest problems.

For more information about our pest removal services, contact us today by giving us a call at (866)-606-2914 or filling out our contact form.