Fruit Fly and House Fly Pest Control

Having flies buzzing  throughout your home is frustrating, especially if your attempts to get rid of them are not proving to be effective. If you’re tired of trying to remove pesky fruit and house flies, our team at Pest Solutions can help. We offer pest control inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments.

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About Pest Solutions

At Pest Solutions, our mission is to produce clean, healthy environments for our customers. With over 20 years of experience in pest control, our team has professionally training and experience with a number of pest problems, including rodent, spider, ant, and wasp infestations. We offer a number of industry-standard pest solutions, including:

  • Eliminating food sources, breeding grounds, etc.
  • Biological pest control (natural predators and repellents).
  • Mechanical pest control (physical barriers).
  • Natural and chemical pesticides.

House Fly Pest Control

Not only do house flies have fat, dark bodies that roam your house, but these pesky insects can also transmit disease. House flies feed on human and animal food, garbage, manure, and even other dead pests such as rodents or birds. They also lay their eggs in the moist, organic materials.

Sometimes getting rid of house flies is as simple as cleaning the kitchen or taking out the trash. n order to successfully eliminate an ongoing infestation, you must find their breeding grounds. Sometimes, the source of the problem can be difficult to locate, which is why we train our pest technicians to investigate and discover the source of the infestation.

How to Get Rid of House Flies:

If you have recently found flies inside of your house or on your property,  here are some steps that you can take to eliminate the insects before contacting a professional pest control company.

1. Sanitize

As we mentioned earlier, house flies are attracted to all kinds of organic matter. Normally, they prefer sweet, pungent foods like rotting fruit, fermenting foods, and garbage. They also feed on dead pests and manure.

House flies won’t stay near or on your property unless there’s a food source. Our first step is to help you determine potential areas where the flies could be feeding and eliminate those sources. Some common actions include:

  • Clean the kitchen regularly: Kitchens with exposed food waste attract house flies. A clean kitchen has nothing to offer them, so the infestation will quickly die off.
  • Take out the trash: House flies like garbage, so be sure to take out the trash to keep them from being drawn to your property.
  • Fit the dumpster lid tightly: If the flies can get inside, there’s no telling how long the infestation will last. Be sure the lid on your dumpster fits tight and is cleaned regularly.
  • Clean up manure: If you have pets or animals on your property, it’s important to pick up after them to prevent it from attracting or feeding nearby flies.
  • Inspect for dead pests: Dead pests are unhealthy for your home to begin with. What’s worse is that a fly infestation feeding off of those carcasses can actually attract other pests like spiders.

2. Traps

If the presence of house flies is overwhelming and disgusting, simple house fly traps can be placed inside and outside of the home. These traps work well at capturing and killing adult house flies. In order to truly eliminate these pesky critters, you have to find and eliminate the places where fly larvae can grow and pupate.

3. Eliminate Breeding Grounds

Flies prefer to lay their eggs in moist organic matter. This includes any and all of the food sources listed above. Sometimes, the task of eliminating house fly breeding grounds is obvious and simple. Other times, the nest is hard to find and is hidden e. To learn where and how to eliminate fly breeding grounds, contact Pest Solutions at (866)-607-8288 to set up a consultation and inspection regarding your house fly infestation.

Fruit Fly Pest Control

Fruit flies only grow to about 3 to 4 millimeters. While they are abundant during the summer and fall, fruit flies can thrive inside of homes all year. These tiny insects feed off of ripened vegetables and fruit, and also enjoy fermented foods.


How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies:

These steps to eliminate fruit flies are strikingly similar to those used to eliminate house flies. The first step is to ensure that all food sources are eliminated and that your home and property is sanitized. The final step is to eliminate all potential breeding grounds to ensure that they cannot reproduce.

1. Sanitize

A lack of food inside or around your home can force the infestation to die off. Simple tasks such as taking out the trash and recycling, wiping down counters, and storing fruit in the fridge can help keep fruit flies away.

2. Breeding Grounds

Fruit fly larvae is bred in moist, decaying organic matter. There are a number of places where this material could be, so a thorough cleaning can help eliminate potential breeding grounds. Some actions could be to:

  • Clean garbage cans and dumpsters.
  • Fit dumpsters with tight-fitting lids.
  • Dispose of rotting fruit inside and outside of home.
  • Clean kitchen counters and underneath all appliances.
  • Check for water leakage in bathroom or kitchen.

Other Small Flies

Unfortunately, fruit flies are not the only small flies that could appear in your home. Different flies such as phorid flies, sphaerocerid flies, and drain flies all have different food sources and breeding grounds. To know how to eliminate small flies, contact a pest control expert to help you identify the type of fly in your home.

Contact Pest Solutions

If you have a house fly or fruit fly infestation, our team at Pest Solutions can help. We have experience and training to locate the fly’s food sources and breeding grounds. Both sources must be completely eliminated for your home to remain pest free.

For more information about our pest control services and expertise, contact us today by giving us a call at (866)-606-2914 or by filling out our contact form.