Hornet Removal and Exterminations

Hornets are a type of stinging wasp common throughout Washington state. While they do serve to regulate the presence of other pests in their region, the size of their colonies and their poisonous sting can threaten the safety of any piece of property. At Pest Solutions, we provide hornet nest removal services with thorough inspections, exterminations, and prevention treatments.

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Hornet Removal Services

Hornets can be dangerous and temperamental insects. When threatened, they can sting their attacker multiple times. This action releases a pheromone that attracts other hornets to the scene, quickly escalating the problem. At Pest Solutions, our team of experienced pest technicians help you identify the insect, discuss removal options, and plan out a pest maintenance plan to prevent their return.

Our pest control services include:

  • Mechanical pest control (raising physical barriers).
  • Biological pest control (introducing natural repellents and predators).
  • Removing breeding grounds, food sources, nest locations, etc.
  • Natural and chemical pesticides.

Our preference is to use natural means to remove the insects whenever possible. In the event that we must use a chemical pesticide, we intentionally use the lowest toxicity necessary to remove the insects.

Why Contact Pest Control

Depending on the size and location of the nest, it may be reasonable for homeowners to try and remove the hornets themselves. However, there are many scenarios in which removing the nest is unwise, including:

  • A large nest.
  • Recurring infestations.
  • Family members have allergies.
  • Nest is in difficult location.
  • Infestation indicates other problems with home.

If your hornet infestation matches any of the situations listed above, it is important that local pest experts be contacted about removing the hornets. This will ensure that you, your family and property are kept safe from these dangerous insects.

About Hornets

Hornets are very similar to yellow jackets in their shape and appearance. While there are over 20 different species of hornet across the globe, the most common species here in Washington is the European hornet. These hornets prey mainly on other insects like bees and flies.

European hornets have bodies between 1 to 1.5 inches long, six legs, and two pairs of wings. Unlike bees, their stingers do not detach after the first use, allowing them to attack intruders multiple times. Thankfully, hornets will not sting unless provoked.

Hornet nests are made from chewed up wood and saliva and are commonly found in hollow areas, such as trees, porches, walls, and attics. Animals and humans that stumble upon these nests can receive several painful stings. Many people have allergic reactions to their poisonous sting, proving such encounters to be fatal for individuals with this condition.

Contact Pest Solutions

If you have identified a hornet nest on your property, it is important that it be swiftly and thoroughly removed. At Pest Solutions, our team of trained pest professionals can help you decide how to remove the hornets nest and what steps can be taken to prevent their return. For more information, contact us today by giving us a call at (866)606-2914 or by filling out our contact form.