How Ant Infestations Affect Your Entire Household

Any pest invasion is a pain, but ant infestations are especially difficult to manage. Many homeowners find that ants are small enough to escape full removal for extended periods of time, and yet there are enough of them to cause serious issues within the home.

There are many ways to identify an ant infestation. In most cases, ants enter the home in search of food and water, so they usually end up in the kitchen or pantry. You might discover the actual ants trailing from their nest to a food source, or you might find signs of the nest itself in the form of insulation debris and dead ants near a damaged wall. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a carpenter ant infestation, the nest will produce winged swarmers that can be found throughout your home as they search for a new nest site.

However, the big issue isn’t finding the ants; it’s exterminating them. Permanently eliminating these tiny intruders is far easier said than done, and often a professional ant exterminator is required. Ant control experts have the tools and experience to know how to kill ants and prevent them from coming back.

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Why Do I Need Professional Ant Control Services?

So you’ve found ants in your home. You have seen them trailing across the kitchen counter, marching down the pantry wall, or dragging food morsels into the dark corners of their universe (aka your house).

Some homeowners may think that a clever DIY or over-the-counter solution is enough to solve their ant problem, but in many situations, the ants will fight to their last breath, often easily defeating a simple sticky trap or poison. And if that happens, the damage they cause to your home (and ultimately your health) will only increase. Here are a few side effects of a prolonged ant infestation.

Insulation and Structure Damage

Carpenter ants are one of the most destructive ant species. While they don’t eat wood, they will chew a series of tunnels into the wooden structure of your home. They use these tunnels to form a nest, then run from those headquarters to your pantry for sweets and proteins. Carpenter ants generally target already-weakened wood, so any sign of carpenter ants may also be a sign that your home needs a structural inspection.

Other ant species may not always nest in wood, but they will not hesitate to tear your insulation apart to create hospitable breeding grounds. Inspect your attic and crawl space periodically for signs of an ant colony, and do your best to track the ants you see in the pantry or kitchen. They may be living somewhere in your home and wreaking havoc in secret. Our insulation installation team offer thorough inspections that will let you know whether ants have set up shop in the material protecting your family from the outdoors.

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Danger to Children and Pets

Unless your home is infested with fire ants or other harmful species, chances are the ants themselves don’t pose a physical threat to children or pets. However, there’s a good chance the ants are getting into food containers and possibly contaminating the food you feed to your pets and kids. Additionally, far too many DIY ant infestation solutions contain toxic chemicals and other dangerous substances. If you choose to try your own hand at ant control, be very careful about what you use and where in the home you apply the solution.

The Clean Crawls ants control team strive to use safe, eco-friendly and family-friendly ant solutions. We know exactly how to kill ants without harming those living in the invaded home.

Time and Money

Without professional ants extermination services, you’re likely to spend far too much time and money in the removal process. Whether you use borax syrup, coffee grounds, ant bait, sticky traps, or good old fashioned Windex, the costs will accumulate. You will put uncounted hours of effort into removing the pesky pests, but there’s never a guarantee that they are gone for good.

By hiring Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls, you can rest assured that our experienced ant exterminators will be thorough and efficient in their work. Our ant control services are as affordable as they are effective, protecting your family from the frustration of an ant infestation in the future.

For more information on our ant control services, contact Clean Crawls today. Our team of ant exterminators are ready and equipped to properly handle your unique situation at a competitive price.