How to Identify if You’re Getting Quality Pest Removal Services

Pest Removal Services

It can be hard to discern whether you’re truly getting the best out of a pest removal service company. Since it’s a type of business that (hopefully) you don’t need to use very often, it is normal to be less knowledgeable how it works or what makes a good pest control service. It’s important to do your research because some companies are less reputable and less professional than others.

So, what are some characteristics you should look for to know you’re getting quality pest removal services?

Ask for a Plan in Writing

Begin by asking the companies you’re choosing from how they would handle the problem if you were their customer. What kind of removal techniques would they employ? Anything from baits or traps to chemical products can be used when removing pests. Choose wisely here; the decision is yours to make. You don’t have to accept something with which you are uncomfortable. Common examples of these are chemical based products vs. more natural removal methods.

Don’t forget to ask for their plan in writing. Use it to compare with other pest removal plants as you make your decision.

Use a Company that Practices Safe Pest Removal Techniques

Non-toxic rodent and pest removal are often a top priority for homeowners when choosing a pest control company. It’s not always possible to go completely pesticide free, but the initial plan will usually approach the issue with the least chemical-heavy options. Chemical free treatments include traps, barriers, temperature changes (that makes the pests uncomfortable and they remove themselves), and baits.

At Clean Crawls, environmentally friendly pest removal methods are important to us. When we do use chemicals, we use the smallest amount needed to get rid of the pests.

Don’t Succumb to Pressure

You don’t have to sign on the dotted line right away. If you’re still in the research process, wait to sign with a company until you feel confident that you’ve found someone you can trust. If a company is rushing you, maybe you should ask yourself why they’re doing that. Perhaps they are just some fly-by-night company trying to take your money.

Check Their Certifications

It’s important to find a company that employs technicians who were required to practice a certain number of hours in a program rather than a license that was obtained by simply paying a fee. The best types of certifications require the contractor to maintain the license over time, meaning that they have to study or recertify to keep it. If you are concerned that the company you might want to use isn’t certified in this way, call the licensing agency to ask about their requirements.

You can find more information about Washington State’s requirements for pesticide licensing and education requirements on the state website here.

They Offer Post Pest-Removal Instructions

Find a company that has a clear post-pest removal plan for you. This should include having a representative come back for checkups on your home and being available to you if you see any pests return. Here’s a list of things to keep track of after the pest removal has been completed:

  • Keep your home dry and moisture free
  • Maintain screens on doors and windows
  • Keep a tidy kitchen
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Keep your food tightly sealed
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Frequently remove garbage
  • Scrub garbage cans
  • Rinse your recyclables before placing in a bin

After pest removal is complete, there will probably be more specific instructions for you based on the type of pests removed.

If you are researching a pest control company, reach out to our professional and licensed pest removal technicians today. We would love to help you and will send over a representative to evaluate the situation as soon as possible. Just call 866-518-8122 or fill out our form for a free quote today.