How to Prevent Imminent Rodent Infestations

Hosting pests of any kind is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Learning how to prevent a rodent infestation can stop these damaging pests from entering your home. Rats and mice are known to carry diseases and cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage each year. Our years of experience have taught us that rodents only swarm when they find the perfect environment, so here are the best tips to preventing rodent infestations.

Store Food Properly

Rodents don’t need much to survive, but they do need a steady source of food. Not storing food properly, or leaving it out for a few days can encourage rodents to make a home in your house. Store all edibles in the fridge, or hard containers to prevent rats and mice from nibbling through your bags.

Don’t Leave Out Pet Food

Most pet owners don’t realize that mice and rat love feeding on their furry friend’s food. Dog food, cat food, and bird seeds give rodents a steady supply of nutrients. Getting pet food containers is the best way to store your pet’s food, especially if you buy huge bags on a monthly basis.

Take Out Your Garbage Frequently

Never let your garbage containers sit for more than two or three days, otherwise rodents are definitely going to start noticing it as a potential food source. Keeping your garbage bags next to your door should also be avoided at all costs, as you are inviting rodents from the exterior inside and welcoming them in with a feast!

Finish Up Your Attic and Crawl Space

The second thing rodents need to proliferate is nesting grounds. Most rodents create nests and only leave it in order to find food. If you think you don’t have a rodent problem because you don’t see any rodents, you may want to inspect your house for obvious signs. Remember that project you left halfway, which involved insulating and sealing your crawl space and attic? Having an unfinished crawl space or attic, with bits of insulation sitting there, will create the perfect lair for rats and mice.

Moist and Dark Environments

Like most pests, rodents thrive in dark, moist environments. Unfrequented crawl spaces and attics that have not been inspected or serviced in years create the perfect conditions. The reason why so many animals thrive in such places is that they provide food and shelter. If you don’t go into your attic too often, rodents begin to feel safe there and deem it a great location for a nest. Even if you don’t store food in your attic or crawl space, your insulation, cardboard boxes, insects, and stored belongings provide a good food source.

Prevent Bushes from Growing too Big or too Close to Your House

Rodent infestations often occur because the exterior conditions of your home drew the rodents to your property. Your front and back yards should be kept tidy, with trimmed bushes that can’t conceal any rodents. High grass and big bushes give these critters a place to hide and allows them to travel safely throughout your property, away from the eyes of predators.

Because of this, bushes that are too close to your house are also a threat. Rodents usually use these as access points to enter and leave your house unnoticed.

Small Gaps Under Your Doors and Windows

Bushes are not the only trick that rodents use to enter your house. Certain rodents, especially juveniles, can fit in holes as small as a quarter. Seal off every single gap and hole close to your windows, doors, house foundation, and other access points. This will prevent any rats from migrating to the inside.

Inspect Vents, Attic and Crawl Space

One of the best ways to identify if you have a possible rodent infestation is inspecting your house. First off, check out your crawl spaces, attics, and vents. Keep an eye out for feces, or damage that could be caused by rodents. Rodents are known to chew through electrical wires, wood, PVC, carpet, and other popular materials. Even the insulation in your crawl space and attic can be a target, so inspect them regularly for any signs of damage.

Deal with Rodent Infestations Quickly

If you start seeing signs of possible rodents, or any other infestation, your best bet is to contact a qualified specialist today. Pest removal services can help you eradicate any infestations in your house and remove all evidence of their presence.

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