Pest Extermination and Prevention

Nobody wants rodents or insects crawling through their cozy home. Just a glimpse of a rat will make your skin crawl and everyone knows how difficult it can be to exterminate pests. That’s why we have developed reliable pest control services for homeowners and businesses in Lake Stevens: to eliminate those nasty pests and return your living space to a place of comfort and health.

Here at Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls, we provide full interior and exterior pest control services, including inspection, extermination, and careful prevention treatments. We serve the Lake Stevens area and the entire Pacific Northwest, dedicated to serving the families and business owners in our community.

Lake Stevens Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Service Locations 

Our trained and certified team has years of experience eliminating any pest you might be dealing with. They know exactly how to carry out a thorough and efficient extermination without causing further damage to your home or health. Because we pride ourselves in getting rid of pests for good, we schedule follow up inspections to ensure your home continues to be pest free in the long-term.

Our Lake Stevens Pest Control Services

When we approach an infestation, we follow proven pest removal procedures. These standard practices may include biological pest control, such as the introduction of natural repellents or predators, as well as mechanical pest control. We also eliminate pest breeding grounds, nests, and food sources so that the pests cannot reproduce and spread further into your home.

We also use both natural and chemical pesticides, though we always prefer natural methods if pesticides can be avoided. However, if the situation demands the use of pesticides, we make it a priority to use the lowest possible toxicity and follow the treatment with a thorough cleaning.  

How Can I Know I Need Pest Control Services?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether your pest situation is serious enough to call in the experts. We recommend asking yourself a few questions that can help make the decision. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, chances are you will benefit from our pest services.

  • Is the issue widespread?
  • Have home remedy pest control services been tested and failed?
  • Are the invading pests dangerous?
  • Do any family members have allergies or health concerns that may be affected by the pests?  
  • Is the pest invasion damaging your walls, ceiling, flooring, or house structure?
  • Is it difficult to know the full extent of the infestation?
  • Are the pests particularly hard or dangerous to remove (termites, stinging insects, ants)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend picking up the phone and calling [number]. Our team is ready and equipped to help you eliminate the pests once and for all.

Lake Stevens Pest Control Treatment

The Lake Stevens area is home to a number of rodents, insects, and other critters that may invade your home. We provide full pest control inspections, extermination treatment, and preventative treatments throughout Lake Stevens and the surrounding area. Listed below are a few of the more common pests that our team handles.


Ants aren’t always the most dangerous or damaging pest in the world, but they are more than a nuisance, and controlling an ant infestation can be tough. Due to their small size, ants can enter your home through tiny, hidden cracks and swarm to areas that provide food and moisture. They make their nests in insulation, underneath the flooring, in wall cavities, and in any other space they can hide.

When large ant colonies settle in and over-the-counter methods don’t work, it’s time to call the professionals. We advise homeowners to hire an expert team in the following situations:

  • Your house is home to a large colony with an unidentified nest source
  • The ant colony is in your insulation
  • Your family members have allergies to insect bites or dust

In many cases, the species of ant will determine what treatment we use to exterminate them. Home remedies or over-the-counter products are rarely strong enough to work. Our ant pest control team can take care of any Lake Stevens ant infestation quickly and affordable.


Mice and rats are some of the most damaging pests. They gnaw through insulation, wood beams, and wires, carrying disease and other pests such as ticks and fleas. Rodents generally live in the crawl space or attic where they can build nests and reproduce.

We recommend professional rodent removal services if you have found several nests in your home, if you have a recurring rodent problem, or if trapping doesn’t seem to work. In many cases, the homeowner will be successful with store-bought traps, only to have the mice or rats return within a few months. For all rodent infestations, we advise Lake Stevens homeowners to contact our rodent removal team today.  

Lake Stevens Pest Control Services

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects such as wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets are common in older homes with unsealed attics. They also frequently nest under eaves, in wall cavities, or in dry shed and barn spaces. Wherever these pests build their nests, they often damage the structure of the building and present a health hazard to those living there.

At Clean Crawls, our insect removal team can handle any stinging insect infestation that you may have. We can exterminate the insects swiftly and safely, and we can make sure that the issue is dealt with permanently. Don’t risk getting stung or injured; our team of experts are ready to help.


Termites are arguably the most destructive pest found in Lake Stevens area homes. In most cases, homeowners do not know when termites have started to burrow into the home, and some houses suffer major structural damage by the time the infestation is discovered. Termites can live in any part of the home, digging pencil sized tunnels through your wooden supports, wallpaper, flooring, and ceiling.

Termite extermination is often very difficult. Because the extent of the damage can be tough to measure, removing termites should be done by a team of experts who can ensure that your home does not suffer further. The Clean Crawls termite pest control team has the right tools and training for the job.

To make sure your home is not threatened by termites, we recommend regular home inspections with your Lake Stevens pest control company.

Other Pests

The pests listed above are just a few of the critters that may find their way into your home. Clean Crawls is also certified in spider, cockroach, silverfish, flea, bird, and bat removal, as well as any other pest you may be dealing with.

If you are currently struggling with a pest infestation and need professional help, contact Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls today. By calling our offices or scheduling a free consultation, you can rest assured that our team will provide premium services, competitive rates, and reliable preventative care for your home. Get in touch with our team today and return your home to a safe, pest-free space.