Control and Extermination of Pests in the Home

Living with pests in your home is more than an unpleasant inconvenience; it is unnerving, irritating, and can even be hazardous. Trying to locate and exterminate these pests on your own, however, is often difficult and time-consuming. Some pests can only be removed by professional pest control experts.

Our experienced pest control team at Clean Crawls will make swift and thorough work of eliminating pests from your home so that you can be confident in the security and cleanliness of your home or business.

Lynnwood Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Service Locations 

At Clean Crawls, we want you to feel safe and at ease in your home. Pests not only make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, but they also destroy property and can pose serious health concerns for you and your family. For some businesses, the presence of pests such as rodents can result in fines from code violations. Other businesses find products and goods destroyed due to pest invasions.

Our goal at Clean Crawls is to remove uninvited guests from your property through inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments.

Types of Pest Control Services in Lynnwood

Our professional pest control team in Lynnwood offers a variety of solutions to your pest control problems that are up to industry standards including:

  • Biological pest control (natural repellents and predators)
  • Mechanical pest control (physical barriers)
  • Chemical and natural pesticides
  • Elimination of breeding grounds and/or food sources

At Clean Crawls, we do our best to use natural pest control treatments whenever possible. If the situation requires us to use chemicals to rid you of your pest problem, we will do our best to use the lowest chemical toxicity needed to eliminate the issue. After treatment, we provide a thorough cleaning to rid the area of pest remains and cleaning equipment.

How to Know When to Bring in the Professionals

Here are several questions to ask yourself in determining if your situation needs a professional pest control company:

  • Is the issue widespread?
  • Are you unable to determine the extent of the pest invasion?
  • Are these pests dangerous?
  • Do these pests threaten to harm family members with allergies or health conditions?
  • Are the invaders doing damage to the ceiling, walls, flooring, or structure?
  • Have basic pest control methods already been tested?
  • Is the species of pest difficult to remove, such as ants, stinging insects, or termites?
  • Could this invasion indicate a more serious issue within your home?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your pest control problem is severe enough to warrant help from a professional pest control company. Our team at Clean Crawls has the experience to thoroughly inspect, evaluate, and treat your pest control problem at a competitive rate.

Lynnwood Pest Control Services

Common Lynnwood Area Pests

While a homeowner in Lynnwood might not have to worry about scorpions, an infestation of any species is a serious concern, as the safety and stability of that home could be compromised by these unwelcome guests.


While mice and rats may look cute and fuzzy to some people, they can be incredibly destructive to homes and businesses. The cold, wet weather of Washington makes rodents look for a way indoors where it is nice and warm, and they can safely build their nests and raise their young. Chewing through wire, drywall, insulation and leaving feces and parasites in your home, a rodent infestation is a serious problem. Rodents living in your walls, crawl space or under your house can compromise the security of the structure while making way for other pests to move in behind them. You should call in an expert team for any of the following situations:

  • Multiple nests have been located in your home.
  • Rodents continue to appear in your home, despite successful trapping.
  • The problem is recurring. One invasion is handled, only to have another spring up in its place.


Ants can be especially difficult to rid from your home because they are small in size and often show up in several places, making their entry point difficult to locate. While small infestations can sometimes be eliminated by means of “home remedies” or store bought products, it is good to know when to call in a professional extermination team to help you cleanse your home. It’s time to call for help if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Ant colonies are in the insulation (requiring an insulation replacement).
  • Large or small colony with an unidentified nest.
  • There are family members with allergies to dust or insect bites

Lynnwood Pest Control Services


Termites are extremely destructive. These tiny insects eat through wood, creating pencil-sized tunnels and cavities. If termites get into a home they can cause significant damage to bracings, support beams, walls, ceilings, and other vital weight-bearing supports. When these are compromised, your entire building structure is weakened. Replacement of all damaged wood is required (and usually extremely expensive). In some severe cases, parts of the home can even collapse from untreated termite activity.

Termite removal requires the assistance of professionals who have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure a complete eradication of the termite invasion. At Clean Crawls, our termite removal services can help you rid your home of these invasive pests.

Stinging Insects

If you have ever been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet, or yellowjacket, you know that it is not a fun experience. When stinging insects build nests around or in your home, it puts you, your family, and your guests at risk of injury. For businesses, these stinging insects can even present possible premises liability or L&I claims for anyone who comes onto your property and is stung. Removing these pests can be difficult and dangerous. At Clean Crawls, our professional team will come in and quickly and carefully rid your home of these hazardous invaders.

Other Pests

Clean Crawls offers pest removal services in Lynnwood for a variety of additional pests, including spiders, silverfish, fleas, roaches, bats, birds, and more.

If you have been dealing with less than welcome pests in your home or at your business, our trained professionals at Clean Crawls is ready to help you reclaim your home. Contact us today by phone at (866)-607-8288 or by filling out our contact form.