Pest Control Solutions Plan

Here at Pest Solutions, we believe that thorough pest control goes far beyond just removing your pests. Our goal is to provide our customers with a full pest control solution to completely protect their home from all pests — not only the ones they called us for.

To do that effectively, we have created a regular maintenance plan for customers that want thorough pest solutions for their whole property.

Our Pest Solution Maintenance Plans:

After reviewing all the notes from previous check-ins or from the initial appointment, one of our pest control technicians will come out to treat any infestations. At Pest Solutions, we value the importance of a pest-free property. When you opt into a pest maintenance program, we are diligent to check and treat for any type of pest, even if it’s a different species than the one you initially called us for!

When our technicians arrive, they will complete the following tasks:

  • Empty and refill bait boxes.
  • Full property inspection: An inspection of the crawl space, attic, baseboards, kitchen, and other hidden areas will ensure the home is free from other infestations.
  • Fully inspect home exterior
  • Properly treat new infestations
  • Remove potential food sources
  • De-web eaves, windows, porches, stairs: Removing these webs exposes areas where spiders might sit, nest, or hide their egg sacs.


Our Pest Solutions maintenance service technicians inspect your home every 60 days for a full year. Over 90% of our customers choose to take advantage of these services so that they can be sure that their home is safe against any returning or brand new pest invasion.

A Full Pest Control Job

Here is a brief rundown of all that our pest control solutions might entail so that you know exactly what to expect when one of our technicians arrives at your front door.

Door Knock

Normally, people contact pest control services when there’s one pest problem they can’t seem to get rid of, whether that be rodents, spiders, ants, termites, or other critters. After contact Pest Solutions, one of our technicians will come out, inspect your situation, and give you a quote. If you would like us to begin work right away, we’ll get started immediately.

Crawl Space or Attic Cleaning

When you’ve got pests in your crawl space or attic, we go in and remove everything. And we mean that: everything. Our teams will diligently clean, sanitize, and prepare your attic, crawl space or other area of your home for a full renovation. We check all screens and barriers, and repair or replace them if necessary. We can even build you a new crawl space insert door!

Pest Control Process

About 12 hours after cleaning, our team will go back in and do all the exclusion work to eliminate the pests and prevent them from returning to your home. We also set traps to catch any pests we might have missed. If you find that during the weeks that follow you have caught anything, we promptly send a technician out to inspect the space and address the problem.


Once there are no more issues with pests, it’s time to restore the space. Our team of professionals will reinstall insulation, vapor barriers, perform air sealing, air duct cleaning, and any other services necessary to ensure a fully cleaned, sanitized, and pest-controlled space.

The Cost of Our Pest Control Maintenance Program

It’s at this point that homeowners can consider our maintenance program. One pest problem can quickly become the source of another, major pest infestation. For example, a rodent carcass can attract flies or ants which, in turn, will attract spiders. Before you know it, your rodent infestation has evolved into an insect infestation in the walls of your home.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners can pay an initial fee of approximately $350 (depending upon the type and size of your property) to have a technician returns every 60 days to check everything. This means a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home and pest treatment for any recurrence or new pest problems. This extensive and thorough inspection costs only $90 per visit.

If the infestation is back in the 60 day interval, we charge no additional fees to redo the project. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with thorough and affordable pest solutions to secure and protect your home from invaders.

Contact Pest Solutions

It is vital that your home remain impenetrable for rodents, ants, termites, and other invaders. To ensure the health and integrity of your home is not compromised, contact Pest Solutions today about joining our maintenance plan by giving us a call at (866)-518-8316 or by filling out our contact form.