Pest Extermination and Prevention Services

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to discover is a pest infestation. The pest identification and removal process can be long and involved, and require a frustrating amount of effort. The experienced team at Clean Crawls offers fast and effective Bremerton pest services so that you can rest easy in a pest-free home.

The service members at Clean Crawls believe that families should feel safe and comfortable at home. Pests such as rodents or termites ruin this relaxing atmosphere by destroying your home and property. Our goal is to restore comfort and structural integrity to any living space. Whether you’re dealing with a rat infestation, a giant wasp nest, or bats in the attic, our expert team is only a call away. We will inspect your home thoroughly and, if necessary, perform an extermination followed by full preventative treatments that will keep you home pest-free for months to come.

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Pest Control Services

Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls is your best answer to any pest problem. We offer several industry standard extermination methods, using the best possible process for your unique situation. We provide both biological and mechanical pest control, and we use chemical and natural pesticides depending on what the job requires. We also clear out pest breeding grounds, eliminate food sources, and more.

When it comes to using pesticides, our preference is to use natural pest solutions whenever they are available. If the circumstance is such that we must use chemical pesticides, we strive to use the lowest toxicity that we can while still removing the pests. Regardless of the pesticide used, we always provide careful cleaning after our work is complete.

How to Know if You Need a Pest Control Company

Many homeowners don’t realize they need a Bremerton pest control company until the infestation has grown to be a huge problem. Listed below are some questions you can ask to know for sure whether or not you should call our pest removal team.

  • Is the issue spread throughout your home?
  • Are you unable to tell how bad the pest invasion is?
  • Are the pests in your home dangerous?
  • Do the pests pose a potential threat to family members with allergies or health conditions?
  • Are the pests damaging the ceiling, flooring, walls, or structure of your home?
  • Have DIY and over-the-counter methods already been tested?
  • Is the species of pest tough to remove, such as wasps, ants, or termites?
  • Could this infestation indicate a more serious problem with your home?

If you can relate to these struggles and answered “yes” to the questions, we recommend contacting our professional pest control team today. We have years of experience handling pest invasions, and our team members know how to not only be quick and careful, but also effective and affordable.

Pest Control Services Bremerton

Pest Control Treatments

There are many pest species that frequently invade homes throughout the Bremerton area. Homeowners struggling to get rid of pests are encouraged to contact professional pest services for an inspection. The issue may be more serious than originally thought, so it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion on the matter.


The Bremerton area is well-acquainted with rodents. In fact, the entire Pacific Northwest is a perfect breeding ground for rats and mice due to the mild climate and plenty of moisture. The problems appear when rodents chew their way into your home, through walls, wiring, insulation, ductwork, and even wooden beams.

If you have found multiple rat nests inside your home, or if rodents appear despite successful trapping, we recommend calling the team at Clean Crawls. A recurring rodent problem won’t go away without the right techniques. Once one invasion is quelled, another one will likely enter your home through the holes left by the last. Our team members know exactly how to prevent future rat or mice infestations.


Termites are infamous for being one of the most destructive pests. They can sneak into your home unnoticed and wreak havoc on the wooden structure of the house. They chew a network of pencil-sized tunnels into any wood beam or stud they find, weakening the entire structure of your home. With the right tools and training, professional pest removers can help you locate and get rid of termites. Our termite removal services can do just that.

Ant Removal


As we all know, ants are pretty small. They shouldn’t be an issue, right? Well, unfortunately, because of their small size, ants are difficult to remove from the home once they’ve settled in. Some ant infestations can be fixed with over-the-counter methods and traps, but other situations demand expert ant removal services. Some instances that require professional aid are if ants are living in the insulation, if you cannot locate the nest, or if family members are allergic to dust.

Stinging Insects

Nobody likes wasps or hornets. They are territorial and aggressive, making them extremely difficult to remove from your home or property. The last thing you want is a swarm of angry yellow jackets chasing you across the yard with no regard to that flimsy can of Raid. The stinging insect removal services at Clean Crawls can take care of wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets with no pain involved. We can remove them quickly and delicately, leaving you with your home and property safe once again.

Other Pests

Listed above are only a few of the pests we can handle in the Bremerton area. Our team is equipped to remove spiders, silverfish, fleas, roaches, bats, birds, and more. If you’re in the middle of a pest headache and need the expertise of a local pest expert, get in touch with our team today. Contact us by filling out our contact form or calling us at (866)-607-8288.