Rat Pest Control: Risk Factors and Prevention

In 2016, we have seen a significant rise in the amount of people requesting rat pest control. It seems that the amount of rats in our area is increasing; perhaps they are moving up to the Pacific Northwest along with everybody else in the United States!

Finding rats near your home, on top of it, or heaven forbid inside of it can be enough to cause anybody alarm. But being that rodents are such a commonly dealt with issue, there is a clear science to pest control for mice and rats.

If you are struggling with a rat problem in your neighborhood or near your home, read on for our information on rodent removal. We promise that your home will once again be free of any unwelcome intruders.


Rat Risk Factors and Prevention

Typically, rats have not selected a home to live in because the owners are really swell people. There are clearly defined factors and variables that run common in all people who require pest control for rats.

Storing your food and garbage correctly is a big factor. Make sure that you have all of your possible food sources away from rodents. Garbage is a common attractor for rodents. It is imperative that you have a garbage can that is well sealed, and that you are disposing of all garbage in a timely manner. If there isn’t enough room in your outdoor garbage can for the lid to close completely, store the extra bags in a sealed bin in your garage to keep it away from the rodents.

The other big variable in rat pest control is making sure that all of your points of entry have been sealed off. Often times, there are small openings or compromised parts of the home that create an easy access point for rodents. This includes spaces up on the top of the home, too. Rodents are excellent climbers, and they can access openings near the attic or the crawl space.

Addressing the Issue on your Own

If you are just now noticing more rats around your home, it may be early enough for you to act on it without the need for full-fledged rat pest control. Typically, DIY techniques for rodents are more effective when there are only a few rats on the premises. Dealing with a full-blown rat infestation will require professional assistance.

Setting rodent traps near access points can be effective, but you must be prepared to deal with the dead rodent inside it. Changing the traps regularly is instrumental in being successful in your own rat pest control.

You will also want to keep in mind that the best repellent for a rodent is cleanliness. Sprays and pesticides will have little effect, as they dissipate quickly. To really keep rodents at bay, it is vital to have strong sanitary practices. Store your food and garbage in a way that minimizes or eliminates any odor or access to outside creatures.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Dealing with a full-blown infestation of rats is about the worst thing a property owner can experience. Pest control for rats can be quite a nasty business.

Having faced many rodent foes in the past, we’ve developed an affordable, effective maintenance solution to pest control for mice and rats that not only eliminates current infestations but also prevents new ones from occurring.

We place a great value on the importance of a pest-free property. If you choose to opt into our pest maintenance program, we are diligent to check and treat for any type of pest (especially rats) even if it’s a different species than the one you initially called us for!

When our technicians arrive at your home, they will carry out the following tasks to provide pest control for rats and mice.

  • Empty and refill bait boxes.
  • Full property inspection: An inspection of the crawl space, attic, baseboards, kitchen, and other hidden areas will ensure the home is free from other infestations.
  • Fully inspect home exterior
  • Properly treat new infestations
  • Remove potential food sources

Rat pest control is a huge strength of our maintenance plan. If you’ve tried your own best efforts to eliminate rats and mice to no avail, we’re here to help. Click here to inquire about our maintenance package, and say goodbye to the rats and mice for good.