Discovering that there are rodents living in your home’s attic or crawl space can bring about a lot of anxiety and frustration. These uninvited guests might have gained access to your home’s interior structure through a number of weak spots. These weak spots can include any holes and cracks in the walls, unsealed drains, or large openings in your windows or vents. Whatever the case may be, these rodents love a quiet dark space that is undisturbed by people, which makes your crawl space or attic an ideal place for them to make a nest.

The breeding habits of rodents are of great concern in these situations. One sole female rodent can give birth to up to 10 litters of babies in a single year. These offspring rodents will be mature and capable of reproducing on their own within mere months. As a result, rodent infestations can become highly problematic with great speed, with the number of rats growing at such an alarming rate. Upon noticing the infestation, you must act immediately.

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Am I a Candidate for Rodent Pest Control?

Prior to deciding on enlisting a rodent pest removal company, assess the situation by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is the infestation widespread through the home?
  • Have DIY pest control methods already been attempted and didn’t produce results?
  • Are you unable to identify the full breadth of the infestation?
  • Are the rodents posing significant risks to anybody’s health in the home?
  • Is your home’s internal structure undergoing damage due to the rodents?
  • Is this rodent infestation exposing a greater problem with your home?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these diagnostic questions, then you are indeed a good candidate for rodent removal services.

Clean Crawls Rodent Pest Removal Services

Here at Clean Crawls, we are experts in providing pest control that produces results for the Bellevue area. Through our diverse arsenal of pest control solutions, products, and methods, even the most stubborn rodent infestations are no match for us.

  • We seek and destroy any food sources or rodent breeding grounds.
  • We use both natural and chemical pesticides to address the situation.
  • Mechanical Pest Control: barriers are placed to prevent any future entry from invading rodents.
  • Biological Pest Control: natural predators are brought into the environment to deter rodent activity.

By enlisting the assistance of the Clean Crawls team, you have peace of mind, knowing any and all rodents in your home will be banished for good. At Clean Crawls, we have tremendous appreciation and respect for the local community’s health as well as the environment. For this, we aim to use natural methods of pest control whenever possible.

When Is it Time to Contact a Bellevue Pest Control Company?

If your pest invasion only involves a small,number of rodents, you may find that DIY rodent pest removal techniques will do the trick. You may be able to solve the problem through the use of poison or traps, available at any local home improvement vendor. But these products are not designed to address a widespread rodent infestation; here are some signs that the problem’s scope is beyond DIY ability:

  • You have identified multiple nests of rodents within your home.
  • You have experienced recurring rodent infestations, every few months.
  • Even after trapping or poisoning multiple rodents, they still remain present.

When the situation has progressed beyond the use of poison or traps, a rodent removal company will be well-equipped to assist you in the targeted removal of the infestation source, thus ensuring that the issue does not recur in the future.

Why Do I Need the Assistance of a Bellevue Rodent Removal Company?

Nobody truly enjoys having to deal with squirmy, dirty rats. You have every reason in the world to enlist a rodent removal company. Since these companies have trained their teams on the optimal solutions for rodent removal, they’re able to quickly handle a problem and prevent it in the future. Rodent removal company teams are capable of quickly diagnosing the situation, providing tailored removal techniques, and conducting whatever repairs are required to prevent the rodents from ever returning.


Considered by historians to be the primary source of the “Black Death” (or bubonic plague), rats are guilty of human history’s largest documented health crisis. They’re not to be taken lightly.

Frequently, large rats carry a multitude of infectious diseases that present a danger to humans. They also carry smaller insects in their fur, such as fleas or ticks, which can lead to even more infestations. Their bodily waste also will contaminate any food or water sources that they make contact with.

Rats will cause widespread damage to your home if they are not eliminated swiftly. Rats treat a building’s structure like their own personal chew toy. Through clawing and gnawing, they cause serious damage to the building’s structural elements: wires, beams, insulation, floorboards, air ducts, and other components.

Masters of stealth, rats prefer to be out of sight from humans. So if you spot a rat in a wide open area, it is quite likely that you’re dealing with a widespread infestation in your home. Because of the destruction to your home and health they may cause, we urge you to contact a rodent removal company in Bellevue immediately upon identifying the infestation.


Smaller in size than rats, mice too prefer to avoid human detection. You will probably only be able to notice their presence through small clues, like odors, tracks, chewed up furniture, or any unwanted bodily “gifts” that they leave around your home.

Mice are also capable of damaging your home’s internal structure, just like rats. And they can quickly reproduce to form a small army, exponentially raising the risk of damage.

Mice infestations are tricky for a resident to diagnose on their own. While some attribute scratching on the ceilings, walls, and floors to mice, these indicators are not unique to their species. A Bellevue rodent removal company will not only be able to help you diagnose the species of the invading rodents, but they can advise you on the best methods for the rodents’ permanent eradication.

Contact Our Rodent Control Team

Professional and experienced, Clean Crawls is the go-to rodent removal company for the Bellevue area. We can assist you in identifying the rodents in your home, offering optimal forms of pest control, and executing the solution. We’re also able to advise you on how to prevent your home from further infestations in the future. We would love to help restore your home to the clean, safe sanctuary it should be. Contact Clean Crawls today in order to learn more about rodent removal options in Bellevue.