It is scary and troublesome to make the discovery that rodents are residing in your home’s attic or crawl space. These loathsome guests gain access to the home through any weak points such as holes or cracks in the wall, unsealed drains, or wide openings in vents or windows. With a penchant for living in undisturbed shelters, rodents would love to make your attic or crawl space their next place for a nest.

A rodent’s propensity for repopulation is very high. The females of the colony give birth to approximately 10 litters of baby rats each year, and those babies are ready to reproduce within months. This means that the infestation can get exponentially out of hand rapidly if the problem is not handled immediately.

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How Do I Know If I Need Rodent Pest Control?

When deciding if the help of a rodent removal company is necessary, you must look at your situation and ask several questions:

  • Are you dealing with a widespread infestation?
  • Have primary rodent removal pest control methods already failed?
  • Is the full extent of the rodent infestation unclear?
  • Are the invading rodents posing danger to anyone’s health?
  • Is the home’s structure being compromised by the invading rodents?
  • Is the infestation a symptom of a more serious problem with your home?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the questions listed above, it is imperative that you seek a rodent removal company to help remove these dangerous nuisances.

Rodent Removal Services in Seattle

Here at Clean Crawls, we offer state-of-the-art pest control methods in the Seattle area. Through the execution of numerous products, methods, and solutions, we are able to effectively eliminate rodent infestations:

  • Identification and elimination of breeding grounds and food sources
  • Use of both chemical and natural pesticides
  • Biological Pest Control: introduction of repellents and natural predators into the environment
  • Mechanical Pest Control: introducing physical barriers that prohibit pest entry

When working with our certified and licensed crew, you can rest assured that your home will be cleared of these obnoxious vermin. The Clean Crawls team cares greatly for the health of the environment, as well as the local community, so it is our top priority to use natural methods of pest control whenever possible.

When Do I Require the Assistance of a Seattle Pest Control Company?

When the pest invasion only consists of a few rodents, you may find that a common DIY removal method does the trick. Available in most home improvement stores, poisons and traps can work well for these minor invasions. But they aren’t designed for larger infestations. Here are some scenarios where you may need assistance from a pest control company:

  • You have identified multiple nests in your home.
  • The infestations are recurring — when one is addressed, another occurs after a few months.
  • Even after multiple trappings, the problem is still persisting.

When the situation has gotten out of hand, a rodent removal company will be able to assist you in pinpointing and destroying the source of the infestation, as well preventing the problem in the future.

Why Do I Need the Help of a Rodent Removal Company?

Rodents are nasty to deal with, and that’s the undisputed truth. There are plenty of reasons to use a rodent removal company rather than dealing with it on your own. As licensed companies possess employees that are effectively trained, they can easily identify the type of invading rodent, advise the best method to remove them, and conduct any needed repairs on your home to ensure that the rodents won’t be back.


Rats once were considered to be the cause of the bubonic plague, one of the most catastrophic health events in recorded human history. As such, they shouldn’t be taken lightly as a health threat. Commonly, these large rodent species carry multiple diseases that are infectious to humans, and they also carry other miniscule insects that can cause additional infestations. What’s more is that their urine, feces, and other bodily fluids are capable of contaminating any food or water that they make contact with.

If they are not eliminated in a timely manner, rats will cause extensive damage to the structure of your home. Rats love to nest inside building structures. Here, they can sink their teeth into just about anything vital to the structure of the building: beams, floorboards, air ducts, furniture, insulation, wires, and more.

Rats keep a low profile, and they stay out of your sight. If you happen to spy one out in the open, it’s a good indicator that you’re facing a large-scale rodent infestation. Due to the health risks that they present as well as their destructive living habits, it is highly recommended that you contact a rodent control company in Seattle immediately upon noticing the invasion.


Smaller in size than their rat brethren, mice also do not prefer to be seen out in the open. Likely, you will only notice their presence when you detect odors, small tracks, chewed or ripped furniture, and any droppings that they might leave scattered throughout the house. Similar to rats, mice are very destructive when it comes to walls, wiring, or insulation in your home. Due to the rapid rate of reproduction as we previously mentioned, it is necessary to deal with an infestation before the severity of the situation begins to exponentially increase.

Mice infestations can be difficult to recognize. While rodents sometimes make their presence known by scratching ceilings, floors, or walls, it does not totally distinguish them among the pest world as a symptom. A professional Seattle rodent control company will be not only help you identify the rodents at hand, but they can present the best solution for eradicating them.

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Clean Crawls provides professional and top-notch rodent removal services throughout the Seattle area. Our skilled team of professionals will be able to assist you in the identification of the species of rodent you’re facing, and they will present the best form of pest control for your solution. We’ll also be able to advise you and help keep your home free of these pests in the future. We would take pride in restoring your home into a safe, clean place to live. Contact us today for more information and to learn more about the options for rodent removal in Seattle.