It can be an alarming and troublesome discovery to find that there are rodents present in your home’s crawl space or attic. Foul and unwelcome, these vile invaders are granted access to your home through weak spots in the house’s structure. This can include any cracks or holes in the walls, gaping openings in windows or vents, or an unsealed drain. Rodents prefer quiet, dark spaces that are largely undisturbed by humans, making your attic or crawl space an ideal piece of rodent real estate.

Rodents are capable of reproducing very quickly, like rabbits. One female alone can give birth to 10 litters of baby rodents each year. The amount of rodents in each litter can vary, but each will be mature and ready to produce offspring of their own within months. Unfortunately, this means that rodent infestations can quickly get out of hand, with a mere two rats multiplying into at least 30 within a couple months. Rodent infestations must be handled deliberately and immediately upon identification.

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Does My Home Require Rodent Pest Control?

Before you make the call on whether or not you require the assistance of a rodent removal company, there are several questions that you can ask yourself:

  • Does the infestation appear to be widespread, not isolated?
  • Have basic methods of rodent pest control already been tried and failed?
  • Is the full scope of the infestation unable to be determined?
  • Is anybody’s health in danger as a result of the rodents?
  • Have the rodents been causing damage to the home’s internal structure?
  • Is the rodent infestation a possible symptom of a greater problem in the home?

If your answer was ‘yes’ to any of the questions listed above, then it is absolutely time that you contact a rodent removal company to assist in the situation.

Rodent Removal Service Experts

At Clean Crawls, we have a great deal of expertise in the most effective pest control methods for the Tacoma area. Through the application of a broad arsenal of products, solutions, and techniques, we are capable of eliminating eve the most stubborn rodent infestations:

  • We identify and destroy any breeding grounds or food sources for rodents
  • We utilize both chemical-based and natural pesticides to exterminate
  • Mechanical Pest Control: we introduce barriers and repair any openings that would allow a rodent’s entry into your home
  • Biological Pest Control: we introduce a natural rodent predator or a series of repellants into the environment

When you enlist the support of our talented pest control crew, you can rest easy at night knowing that any rodents in your home will be vanquished. Here at Clean Crawls, we have a great amount of respect for the health of the environment and the local community. As such, we use natural methods of pest control whenever the situation allows it.

When Should I Contact a Tacoma Pest Control Company?

If the pest invasion is limited to only a couple of rodents, you may experience success from a DIY rodent removal method. Poisons and traps, available at most home improvement stores, may prove a viable method to eliminate the rodents. However, these products and not designed to handle a widespread infestation; these may be signs that you will need the support of a rodent removal company:

  • Multiple rodent nests have been identified in your home.
  • The rodent infestations are a recurring trouble, occurring every few months.
  • The problem is still present, even after multiple rodents have been trapped.

If the situation has escalated and become unable to handle using DIY methods, a rodent removal company will be ready to aid you in identifying the removing the source of the infestation, thus preventing the issue from recurring in the future.

Why is the Help of a Rodent Removal Company So Necessary?

Rodents are messy business, that much is clear. There’s a wealth of strong rationale to support using a rodent removal company for your problem. Because licensed rodent removal companies have well-trained, expert teams, they can solve the problem for good. Their teams are able to quickly pinpoint the species of invading rodent, provide counsel on the optimal technique to remove them, and perform any required repairs to your home to guarantee the rodents are gone for good.


Considered to be the sole cause of the bubonic plague (or Black Death), rats are responsible for one of the largest documented health crises in human history. Do not take their health risk lightly.

More often than not, these large rats bear multiple infectious diseases as well as other insects such as fleas or ticks which can cause additional infestations. Furthermore, their bodily waste is capable of contaminating any food or water that they may come in contact with.

If you are not able to eliminate them in a timely manner, the rats may cause widespread damage to your home’s structure. Rats have a lot of fun nesting in a building’s structure, with plenty of things to sink their little teeth into. In doing so, they can cause serious damage to the structure of the building: air ducts, furniture, insulation, beams, wires, floorboards, and other components can be damaged by their incessant gnawing.

Rats are experts at avoiding detection by humans; they prefer to be out of sight. This means that if you see one out in the open, you’ve probably got a large-scale rodent invasion on your hands. Because of their health hazards and their destructive habits of living, we highly advise you to contact a rodent removal company in Tacoma promptly upon noticing the invasion.


Slightly smaller in size than their rat brothers, mice also are masters of avoiding detection. It is likely that you will only notice their presence through odors, small tracks, chewed up furniture, and any little “presents” that may be left scattered around your home.

Just like rats, mice also are capable of damaging wiring or insulation in your home. Because of their rapid rate of reproduction, you must deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

A mouse infestation can be hard to identify. Scratching on the ceilings, floors, and walls isn’t always attributed to rodents. Not only will a professional Tacoma rodent removal company be able to help you identify the rodents at hand, but they will be able to present the best technique for eradicating them permanently.

Contact Our Rodent Control Team

Clean Crawls posses a professional and expert pest control team equipped to handle rodent removal all throughout the Tacoma area. We are able to assist you in the categorization of the species of rodent invading your home, and present you with the ideal form of pest control for your solution. We’ll also be able to provide counsel and repairs in order to keep your home free of rodents in the future. We want to help return your home to a clean, safe place for you and your family to live. Contact us today in order to learn more about your options for rodent removal in Tacoma.