Pest Control and Extermination

Discovering pests living within your home is unnerving and frustrating. The process of locating, identifying, and carefully removing them is often challenging and time-consuming. Our professional team at Clean Crawls provides swift, thorough, and affordable pest control service throughout the following regions:

Pest Control Services Service Locations 

At Clean Crawls, we believe that every family should feel comfortable and safe in their own home. Rats, mice, ants, and termites destroy this atmosphere by encroaching on your home and destroying your property. Our goal is to remove these critters to help restore your home’s integrity and security. Our pest control services include inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments.


Pest Control Services:

We provide a number of industry standard pest control solutions, including:

  • Biological pest control (natural repellents and predators).
  • Mechanical pest control (physical barriers).
  • Chemical and natural pesticides.
  • Elimination of breeding grounds, food sources, and more.

Our preference at Clean Crawls is to use natural pest control solutions whenever natural remedies are available. If circumstances dictate the use of chemical pesticides, we do our utmost to ensure that we use the lowest toxicity necessary. We also provide thorough cleaning afterward.

How to Know if you Need a Pest Control Company

There are a number of questions that homeowners can ask to be sure that they need the assistance of a pest control company:

  • Is the issue widespread?
  • Are you unable to determine the extent of the pest invasion?
  • Are these pests dangerous?
  • Do these pests threaten to harm family members with allergies or health conditions?
  • Are the invaders doing damage to the ceiling, walls, flooring, or structure?
  • Have basic pest control methods already been tested?
  • Is the species of pest difficult to remove, such as ants, stinging insects, or termites?
  • Could this invasion indicate a more serious issue within your home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then your pest control problem is serious enough to warrant an inspection by a professional pest control company. Our team members have years of experience working in pest control and can provide swift, careful, and affordable services.


Pest Control Treatments

There are a number of pests that are common in homes throughout Washington, including Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Renton, Tacoma, and Redmond. Homeowners with serious pest problems are encouraged to reach out to a professional pest control company for an inspection.


Seattle recently made its way onto the list of most rat-infested cities in the United States. Rodents such as mice and rats are particularly destructive pests, known to chew through wire, insulation, wooden beams, and ductwork. Experts recommend contacting rodent pest control services in the following situations:

  • Multiple nests have been located in your home.
  • Rodents continue to appear in your home, despite successful trapping.
  • The problem is recurring. One invasion is handled, only to have another spring up in its place.


Ants are uniquely difficult to locate and remove because of their small size. While some ant invasions can be handled with over-the-counter means, others situations are serious enough to demand professional ant removal services. Some of the instances include:

  • Ant colonies in the insulation (requiring an insulation replacement).
  • Large or small colony with an unidentified nest.
  • Family members with allergies to dust or insect bites.


Even though termites are tiny and unnoticeable, they are extremely destructive. Termites often enter the home unnoticed and will begin to chew pencil-sized tunnels all throughout  the wooden structure of your home. Termite inspections and exterminations must be properly conducted with the right tools, equipment, and training. Our termite removal services can help you resolve this problem.

Stinging Insects

Being stung by a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket is never pleasant, especially for those with serious allergies to the insects. This being the case, it is often frustrating when these stinging insects build a nest on your property. Removing these insects can be a delicate process, so our Clean Crawls stinging insect removal services can handle them swiftly and carefully.

Other Pests

We have only touched on a few of the most common pests that invade Washington homes. Our pest removal team is equipped to perform spider removal, silverfish removal, flea removal, bird removal, bat removal, roach removal, and more.

If you have been dealing with a serious pest problem and would like the expertise and training of your local pest removal professionals, our team at Clean Crawls is ready to assist you. Contact us today by giving us a call at (866)-607-8288 or by filling out our contact form.