Rodent Pest Control Services

Discovering that you have rodents living in the attic or crawl space of your home is both alarming and frustrating. These unwelcome guests gain access to inconspicuous cracks or holes in the walls, openings in windows or vents, and through any unsealed drains. Rodents prefer to live in sheltered, undisturbed environments, making your attic and crawl space the ideal location to build a nest.

Rodents can populate very quickly once they have settled. Female rodents can produce approximately 10 litters a year, and it’s only months before newborn mice and rats are ready to mate as well. This can result in a rapid infestation if the problem is not dealt with immediately.

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How Do I Know If I Need Rodent Pest Control?

There are several questions to ask regarding your particular rodent situation to identify if enlisting the help of a rodent removal company is necessary.

  • Is the infestation widespread?
  • Are you unable to determine the full extent of the rodent invasion on your own?
  • Have other basic methods of rodent removal failed?
  • Is the invading species of rodent dangerous to anyone’s health?
  • Is the invading species of rodent destroying the structure of the home?
  • Does the rodent’s presence indicate a more serious problem with your home?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, it’s important to seek a rodent removal company that will remove these dangerous pests.

Rodent Removal Services

At Clean Crawls, we offer a variety of pest control services throughout Seattle and Tacoma. We utilize a number of methods, products, and solutions for eliminating rodent infestations:

  • Mechanical Pest Control: creating physical barriers that keep pests from entering
  • Biological Pest Control: introducing natural predators and repellents into the environment
  • Pesticides: chemical and natural
  • Eliminating breeding grounds, food sources, and more.

With the assistance of our certified and licensed crew, we can help you to clear your home of these vermin. Our team at Clean Crawls cares for our local community and the environment, so we make it our goal to use natural pest control methods whenever possible.

When Do I Need the Assistance of a Pest Control Company?

For pest invasions consisting of only a few rodents, there are removal methods available in common home improvement stores. Traps and poisons are very effective at handling minor invasions, but there are scenarios where these products will be ineffective.

  • Multiple nests have been identified.
  • The problem persists after multiple trappings have taken place.
  • Recurring infestations; one invasion is addressed, only to have another occur a few months later.

In scenarios like these,a rodent removal company can assist you in locating and removing the source of the infestation and preventing future rodent invasions.

Why Do I Need the Help of a Rodent Removal Company?

There are many reasons to enlist the help of a rodent removal company when dealing with rodent infestations. Licensed companies are trained to identify the type of rodent you’ve encountered, recommend the best form of pest control, and perform repairs on your home to ensure that the invading species will not return.


Rats can pose a major health risk to humans. These large rodents are common carriers of a large number of diseases, in addition to carrying other insects, mites, and fleas. Their urine and fecal pellets can contaminate any food or water they come in contact with.

If not eradicated, rats can cause severe damage to the structure of your home. Beyond their destructive feeding habits, they enjoy nesting in building structures. Rats will also gnaw on just about anything they can get their paws on: insulation, beams, wires, furniture, air ducts, floorboards, and more.

Rats prefer to stay well-hidden and out of sight, so if one is spotted out in the open, it usually means you have a large-scale infestation. Because of the health risks they pose and their destructive living habits, it’s important to immediately contact a rodent control company in Seattle or Tacoma.


Mice are generally much smaller than rats and also do not like to be seen out in the open. Their presence is often made known by the odors, small tracks, chewed furniture, and droppings they leave throughout the house. Just like rats, mice can be incredibly destructive to the furniture, insulation, walls, and wiring in your home. As previously mentioned, these rodents can reproduce at a very fast rate, so it is important to deal with an infestation before the situation grows too serious.

Mice infestations can be tricky to identify. Rodents can sometimes make their presence known by scratching on walls, ceilings, or floors. However, other pests can also make these sounds. A professional Seattle rodent control company can help to identify the type of pest you’re up against and how to best go about removing it.

Contact Our Rodent Control Team

At Clean Crawls, we provide professional rodent removal services throughout Seattle and Tacoma. Our professional team can help you to identify the species of rodent, the best form of pest control for your situation, and how to keep your home clear of these pests in the future. We would love to help restore your home to a safe and comfortable place. For more information, contact us today to learn more about your rodent removal options.