Extermination and Prevention of Pest’s

Discovering pests in your home can be very alarming. While there are a variety of DIY ways to rid your home of small numbers of certain types of pests, there are many cases in which you need specialized pest control services from a professional pest control company.

At Pest Solutions, we offer pest control inspections, extermination, and prevention services throughout the Tacoma area. Our certified and experienced team works to provide swift, reliable, and affordable pest removal services and offers regular follow-up appointments to protect against future infestations.

Pest Control Services Service Locations 


How do I know if I need pest control services?

There are several questions that you can ask to analyze if pest control services are necessary.

  1. Is the invading species dangerous?
  2. Have other pest removal methods failed?
  3. Is the infestation widespread?
  4. Are they damaging my home?
  5. Does the presence of pests threaten family members with allergies or health conditions?
  6. Is this pest difficult to remove, like ants or termites?
  7. Can I discover the full extent of the pest invasion?
  8. Could these pests indicate a more serious issue within my home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the risks that these invaders pose to your home and health should be quickly eliminated. Our pest control service can help you remove these critters and restore security to your home.

Tacoma Pest Control Services

Our company provides industry standard procedures for pest control and removal. The most common types of services are;

  • Biological pest control (natural predators or repellents)
  • Mechanical pest control (construction of physical barriers)
  • Elimination of breeding grounds and food sources
  • Use of chemical or natural pesticides, and more.

Our pest control team at Pest Solutions works to protect our environment and the Tacoma community by using natural solutions to your pest infestation problems. If natural methods do not present themselves or are unsuccessful, our team is intentional about using the lowest toxicity treatment methods necessary to get the job done.


Pest Treatments:

We provide exterior and interior inspections, exterminations, and pest prevention services throughout Tacoma for the following pests:


Rodents can chew through and destroy your homes insulation and the wooden frame of your home. They are also infamous for chewing on wires and for leaving droppings all throughout the house. Unlike other pests, rodents can also carry diseases and other pests into the home, such as fleas and ticks.

Rodents generally tend to infest areas of your home that are the least visited, like your attic or crawl space. These areas give them access to food and moisture, and have plentiful amounts of space in which to build nests and reproduce.

Home owners are recommended to investigate pest removal services in the following situations:

  • Rodent presence continues, despite successful trapping
  • Multiple nests are discovered
  • Regularly recurring rodent invasions

If your situation matches any of the situation described above, contact Pest Solutions about an interior inspection.


Ants can be particularly difficult pests to deal with, as they find their way into your home through the tiniest of cracks. These insects swarm and nest in areas that have plenty of moisture and food. Common locations for ants are the kitchen and pantry areas.

An additional difficulty with ants is that they can nest just about anywhere they wish. Wall cavities, insulation, flooring, cupboards, and your crawl space could all be possible nest locations.

Pest removal services are normally recommended when,

  • the nest source is unidentified
  • the nest is in the insulation, requiring insulation cleanout and restoration services
  • family members have allergies
  • the invasion is not controllable with over-the-counter products

Having a Tacoma pest control team tackle the ant removal project can save you the trouble of having to deal with finding and eliminating these annoying critters.


Termites are often an invisible pest. For most months of the year, termites remain hidden in the wood of your home, where they create the tunnels that are so damaging. Their pencil-sized holes drill through flooring, walls, and wooden supports of your home. It might be years before you are even aware of their presence.

Due to the extensive damage that termites can cause, addressing a termite infestation should never be a DIY project. Termite extermination requires the professional pest control team and specialized tools to completely eradicate the termite colony.

Stinging Insects

Stinging insects like wasps or yellow jackets can be particularly threatening, especially if family members have allergies to stings. Stinging insect infestations are most common in older homes that have warm and unsealed attic spaces, but can occur in any Tacoma home. They create comfortable nests in the eaves or wall cavities of these spaces.

Dealing with these pests can be an uncomfortable and even threatening task. It is recommend that infestations of this kind be handled by a professional pest removal company. Our Pest Solutions Tacoma pest control team can efficiently and permanently deal with your insect control needs.

Other Pests

Our pest control is not limited to handling only the above options. We are also skilled in dealing with spider removal, roach removal, flea removal, silverfish removal, earwig removal, bird and bat removal, and much more.

If you’re dealing with a pest infestation and would like the assistance of a professional pest extermination company, give us a call at 866-610-3556 or fill out our contact form to schedule an inspection and consultation.