Termite Control

Termites are some of the worst pests to have in your home, because a majority of the damage caused is hidden and not instantly visible. If left unidentified and untreated, termites can cause serious damage to your property that may cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Termite Damage

Termites build their nests and collect food by chewing pencil-sized tubes through any piece of wood in your home. Because these tubes are created inside of the wood, they are not visible to the naked eye. But deep beneath the surface, termites are gradually eating away at the wooden frame structure that supports your home.

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Termites in the Home

Termites are attracted to areas that are warm, moist, and serve as a food source. All three of these elements can be found in the attics or crawl spaces of homes that are not properly sealed and insulated. Termites can gain access to these areas through the tiniest cracks or holes in the structure’s foundation, expansion joints, or around the plumbing pipes. Once they are inside, they can start a colony, some of which can to thousands of insects, hidden in the walls of your home.

Some of the most common signs of termites living in your home are:

  • Damaged wood (beams, floorboards, wallpaper).
  • Holes in the drywall.
  • Mud tubes around the house.

If you are curious about your home having a termite infestation, it is important to contact a termite control company immediately to ensure that no further damage is done.

How Do I Know When I Need Termite Control?

To get an idea of whether or not you may need the assistance of a termite control company, there are some questions to identify how serious your situation is:

  • Are you unable to determine the extent of the damage done by the termites?
  • Do family members have any allergies to termites or insects?
  • Are the termites destroying the structure of your home?
  • Is the infestation widespread?
  • Could the termites’ presence be a sign of more severe problems with your home?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, it is highly recommended that you contact a termite control company to help you determine the extent of the damage and decide on termite control solutions that match the conditions of your infestation.

Forms of Termite Control

Termite control comes in a number of forms. At Clean Crawls, we offer both natural and chemical forms of control in an effort to protect the environment and care for our local community.

  • Biological Pest Control (natural predators and repellents)
  • Mechanical Pest Control (physical barriers)
  • Elimination of breeding grounds, food sources, etc.
  • Chemical pesticides, natural pesticides, and more.

Contact Us

Termites are difficult insects to remove. To ensure that the insects are fully eradicated from your home, contact our pest control team at Clean Crawls. Our trained crews can inspect your home for termite damage to identify the severity of the infestation. After choosing the ideal form of termite control for your home, our teams can use advanced equipment and developed techniques to equip your home to fight the current invaders and prevent future termite damage.