Pest Extermination and Prevention

Everyone hates pests. Whether it’s a mosquito buzzing in your ear or a mysterious scratching sound in the walls, the very idea of an unwanted insect or rodent is unnerving. And if you have discovered an entire infestation of pests in your home, you know it can be downright maddening. After all, once you have located the pest, the extermination process can be time-consuming and expensive.

At Pest Solutions by Clean Crawls, we provide swift and reliable pest control services for Snohomish residents. After years of serving the entire Northwest, we understand that an infested home is never a comfortable space, and homeowners want nothing more than to return their home to a clean, healthy living environment. Our goal is to fully remove any insect, rodent, or other pests from your house once and for all. Our pest control services include thorough inspections, exterminations, and preventative measures.

Snohomish pest control services

Pest Control Services Service Locations 

Snohomish Pest Control Services

At Clean Crawls, we offer a wide array of industry-trusted pest solutions, including biological pest control, such as natural predators and repellents, as well as mechanical pest control. We also use both chemical and natural pesticides, depending on the situation, and we eliminate any access the pests might have to food sources or breeding grounds.

Though we prefer to use natural pest removal solutions, some situations may demand the use of chemical pesticides. If we decide chemical pesticides are necessary to control the pests in your Snohomish home, we will strive to use the lowest possible toxicity and we will clean the space thoroughly after the process is over.

How to Tell if You Need Professional Pest Control Services

It can be tough to know when to give up on store-bought pest solutions and call the experts. That’s why we have compiled a list of questions you can ask to tell if you need professional pest help:

  • Is the issue widespread?
  • Are you unable to determine the extent of the pest invasion?
  • Are these pests dangerous?
  • Do these pests threaten to harm family members with allergies or health conditions?
  • Are the invaders doing damage to the ceiling, walls, flooring, or structure?
  • Have basic pest control methods already been tested?
  • Is the species of pest difficult to remove, such as ants, stinging insects, or termites?
  • Could this invasion indicate a more serious issue within your home?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to any of the above questions, we recommend giving our team a call. We will visit your home and make a full inspection, and if the infestation warrants pest control services, we will provide the best pest removal services available.

Snohomish Pest Control Treatment

The Snohomish area is home to many pests that often invade homes. If you are currently dealing with any of the pests discussed below, contact our offices and arrange an inspection. Our trained and experienced team will be swift and thorough, removing the pests from your home for good.


Rats and mice are one of the most common pests that we encounter. Unfortunately, they are as destructive as they are plentiful, known to chew through insulation, wiring, siding, ductwork, and beams.

If you have found multiple rodent nests in your home, or if your rat problem is recurring (they come back despite successful trappings), it’s time to call in the professionals. Without proper removal and preventative measures, the rodents may continue to invade your living space.


Termites are the worst. They enter your home without a sound and begin chewing their through the wooden structure, walls, ceiling, and flooring, leaving their network of tunnels and larva behind. Because the destruction they cause affects the very structure of your home, termite inspections and exterminations should be carried out by professionals with the right tools and training.

Snohomish Pest Control Services

At Clean Crawls, the termite removal team have the experience it takes to safely and effectively extract the pests from your house.


As you may be experiencing, ants are particularly difficult to remove from the home. Not only are they tiny, but they tend to build their nests just out of sight, so killing an ant here and there does nothing to the overall infestation.

Some ant invasions can be handled with DIY or store-bought methods, but some situations require professional ant removal services. For example, some ant colonies settle into the insulation in the attic, crawl space, or walls, demanding expert removal and even insulation replacement. If you cannot find the nest or have family members that struggle with dust or insect bite allergies, contact Clean Crawls’ Snohomish pest control services today.

Other Pests

We have only discussed a few of the common Snohomish pests; there are many other creepy crawlies that can cause frustration and even health problems. The Clean Crawls pest control service team is also equipped to handle spider, wasps, yellow jacket, hornet, silverfish, flea, cockroach, and bat removal.

If you are currently struggling with a serious pest infestation and need professional extermination services, contact our team by calling (866)-607-8288, or by filling out our contact form. We’re ready to serve you and return your home to a safe, clean, and comfortable pest-free zone.